Badminton Asia Championships

The Badminton Asia Championships (the new name used for the first time in 2007 edition, formerly known as Asian Badminton Championships) is a tournament organized by the Badminton Asia Confederation to crown the best badminton players in Asia. The tournament started in 1962 and is held annually since 1991. The event had been played rotated between team and individual competitions before the team event nulled since 1994. However the 2003 event lifted some controversy when China decided to pull out from the tournament at the last minute. Headcoach Li Yongbo said the tournament did not award any ranking points for 2004 Summer Olympics event and wanted to give the players more time to rest. Some of the top players also willing to pull out from the tournament since the competitiveness of the event low.

Videos of Asian Badminton Championships

Asian Badminton Championships